Services We Provide

Retirement Planning

We assist you in developing a roadmap to help pursue financial independence through detailed analyses and recommendations. With this as a guide, you will feel more confident that you are headed toward retirement on your terms, and on your own schedule.

Investment Analysis and Asset Allocation

You’ll feel comfortable knowing that our Team with experience and research will construct a portfolio that is aligned with your personal goals, needs and risk tolerance.

Survivor Needs Analysis

You will feel confident and secure with a contingency plan that helps allow your loved ones to realize their goals and dreams in the event something should happen to you or within your family.

Estate Planning

There is no greater comfort than knowing your estate is in order and that your beneficiaries will inherit exactly what you intended. Ricketts, Ricketts & Associates will review your current plan for adequacy and, if needed, work with your attorney to design and implement alternatives to maximize your estate.

Tax Planning

Long-term tax planning strategies are identified from reviewing your past and present tax documents.

Education Planning

While the costs of an education may continue to rise, the options you have available for saving are also increasing. We review funding and savings strategies and help you plan ahead to ensure the children in your family can afford the education you want them to have.

Long-term Care Planning

We assist you in effectively managing and planning for the escalating costs of long-term care for you or a family member. We help you take care of the financial details, so you’ll have one less worry to manage.

Life Insurance Planning

We will assist you in reviewing your current life insurance policies and needs and make recommendations that are in your best interest.