How We Work

Our investment philosophy begins with the belief that asset allocation matters most in overall performance, and that diversification is achieved through multiple asset classes, multiple styles of management, and multiple institutional investment managers’ approach to investing. Since asset classes, investment styles, and individual manager’s performance rise and fall over market cycles, clients can benefit by having several of the world’s top institutional money managers servicing your portfolio. In this way, performance is not tied to the fate of any single investment strategy. Great care is given to the weight of the stocks, bonds and other asset classes in a portfolio. This enables clients to work toward their objectives without exposing them to more risk than they can comfortably accept. We believe that while asset allocation does not guarantee positive results and loss, including loss of principal may still occur, it still matters and is more important than stock selection, market timing, or other decisions.

Diversification and asset allocation do not guarantee positive results. Loss, including loss of principal may result.


Because we are independent advisors, we are not captive to syndicated products or bound to insurance companies, banks, securities firms, or other financial institutions.


Every relationship is guided by the highest ethical standards and complete confidentiality. Our advisors cultivate relationships based on personal trust and respect. In deciding the right course for our clients, we never subordinate honesty and candor to personal gain or advantage.


Our clients can be assured of our complete competence. Our professional staff has attained and continually maintains the level of knowledge and skill required to provide quality guidance and advice.


Every client receives service in a prompt, thorough and professional manner, with diligent planning and a focus on your interests at all times. We understand the importance of our services to the financial well-being of our corporate clients and their employees and families.


Ricketts, Ricketts & Associates is committed to providing nothing short of the best client service available in today’s marketplace. Our commitment to quality is reflected in every aspect of our operations. We believe that our clients should have an advocate in their financial planner, not a salesperson. Our focus is on providing high quality service to our clients.